Bruce Rolfe

Author of the Chip Hale handyman mystery series.

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    Ever since Chip Hale’s daughter, Julie, went missing nine years ago, he hasn’t given up searching for her. Common sense says she must be dead, but Chip can’t accept the fact and clings to the hope that she is still alive. In the meantime, his wife has become an alcoholic, gone through several rehab programs, and ultimately divorces him. Working as a handyman and helping to raise his two teenage granddaughters, Winston and Franklynn

    Pierce, keeps him busy. When a summer storm blows over a tree beside the city police memorial exposing part of Julie’s remains, Chip becomes obsessed in looking for his daughter’s killer.

    Shortly after beginning his search, a teammate on his granddaughter’s high school softball team disappears from a local shopping center and her body is later discovered at the city dump. But without any more bodies, police haven’t linked the disappearance of 27 other women during the past

    11 years with the two murder victims. Meanwhile, a neighborhood gang threatens his longtime friend, Ruby Spearman, vandalizes her business, and offers to sell her “protection insurance.” As he and his handymen buddies work out a plan to help Ruby, Chip’s condo is broken into and trashed, he is bitten by a rattlesnake inside his truck, and he is shot in the head.

    Together with the help of his two wise-cracking granddaughters and the expertise of his Handyman, Inc. colleagues

    – an eclectic collection of retired professionals including a former Reno policeman, forensic fire investigator, Navy pilot, defrocked priest, and U.S. Treasury agent who work as contract handymen – Chip must learn the sleuth’s “tools of the trade” and track down his daughter’s killer before becoming a victim himself. Using old-school tactics, Chip and his semi-retired handymen friends become engaged in a turf war with the neighborhood gang shaking down Ruby and methodically

    gather clues leading to his daughter’s killer. But before they can find him, Chip’s oldest granddaughter, Winston, is abducted from in front of the AutoZone where she works.

    Buy it today - read it tonight.


    Buy it today - read it tonight.

    TOOLS OF THE TRADE is about a cold case that heats up when handyman Chip Hale hunts for his daughter’s killer after her remains turn up beneath the city’s police memorial.

    Bruce Rolfe Tools of the Trade

  • Expected Release Date - To be determined It’s been six months since handyman Chip Hale solved his daughter’s murder and life is good until he begins work on a house where the owner died from carbon monoxide poisoning.  Almost immediately life becomes more complicated as his granddaughter is expelled from school and then arrested, the Handyman Inc. office is destroyed by arson, Chip and his girlfriend are involved in a near fatal accident, her office is burned to the ground, and one of his

    colleagues is electrocuted. In the back of his mind there’s the possibility that he’s being hunted by his daughter’s killer.   Chip’s girlfriend, Jennifer, is also having domestic problems, which, in addition to their age difference, gives Chip second thoughts about their relationship. Nevertheless, he agrees to check out a heater in one of the properties she manages where an elderly woman has died from carbon monoxide poisoning. Working with Chip at Handyman Inc. are several

    craftsmen who have retired from other professions: a Navy chopper pilot, a Reno policeman, a U.S. Treasury agent, a defrocked priest, a forensic fire investigator, and a former burglar who was recently released from prison. Chip’s primary concern is for keeping his seventeen year old granddaughter, Franklynn, out of jail as the charges against her escalate from simple assault to first-degree murder. Meanwhile, Chip’s former son-in-law threatens to take out a restraining order against him

    if he doesn’t stay away from both Franklynn and her older sister, Winston. The domestic situation deteriorates as the girls rebel, get drunk, and Franklynn not only spends the Christmas holidays in jail, but solitary confinement as well.   As the clues to a possible murder conspiracy become more apparent, and the police refuse to investigate, Chip and his handyman pals are forced to break the law themselves in an attempt to bring the killers to justice. Unfortunately, in the

    process, Chip finds evidence that may implicate one of his colleagues. Expected Release Date - To be determined  


    Expected Release Date - To be determined

    In TRADEMARK OF MURDER when handyman Chip Hale repairs a faulty heating vent pipe, he discovers that the carbon monoxide deaths of several senior citizens have actually been murders.  

    Bruce Rolfe Trademark of Murder

  • Expected Release To be determined Chip Hale’s life begins spinning out of control after spending a scorched fifty-dollar bill he found in the fixer-upper his granddaughters, Winston and Franklynn, have talked him into buying. Meanwhile, Winston’s apartment is broken into; he is beaten, robbed, and left for dead by his girlfriend’s son, and he is unable to work or collect workman’s comp because the injuries weren’t work related. While recuperating, he is arrested for counterfeiting

    and funding a terrorists’ organization in Algiers, and his bail is set at five-million dollars. Working with Chip at Handyman Inc. are several craftsmen who’ve retired from other professions: a Navy chopper pilot, a Reno City policeman, a U.S. Treasury agent, a forensic fire investigator, and a former burglar who was recently released from prison. Along with the lawyer who previously defended Franklynn against murder charges, they work to clear him from all the charges brought against him

    by Homeland Security. Incredibly, Chip’s bail is paid by anonymous benefactors who show up at his condominium and threaten to rescind the money if he doesn’t help find their kidnapped son. Meanwhile, Winston discovers that her roommate is being stalked by a former high school acquaintance and there doesn’t seem to be any way to prevent or stop him. Franklynn is wrestling with her own personal demons – alcoholism and revenge – as she goes after the juvenile delinquents who beat-up

    her grandfather. As Chip’s relationship with his girlfriend deteriorates and he tries not to become involved with a new customer, he and his handymen pals go about gathering clues that the FBI and Secret Service have missed. But are they enough to help him find the counterfeiters, the kidnappers, solve two undetected murders, and clear Chip from charges of treason? Expected Release To be determined


    Expected Release To be determined  

    In TRADE SECRETS, handyman Chip Hale is arrested by Homeland Security and charged with treason after spending a scorched fifty-dollar bill he found in the fixer-upper he just bought.

    Bruce Rolfe Trade Secrets