We have a new publisher!

Dear Readers,

Good news! I’ve just signed a contract with Dingbat Publishing to reissue the first book in my Chip Hale Handyman Mystery series. While it feels sort of like a second first date, it also feels like one with a future. I am also delighted not to have to resort to self-publishing because, for me, there is just no validation in it. Although Dingbat Publishing “doesn’t take itself too seriously,” you’ll find a lot of great authors and quality entertainment on their website.

I realize that it’s been three years since Tools of the Trade was released the first time and that it’s been out of print since 2018, but the only changes to the second printing besides the publisher will be to the cover. During the past two years I found it extremely frustrating querying hundreds of agents and publishers, all of whom were opposed to bringing out a series that had previously debuted by another publisher – regardless how good it might have been. Nevertheless, I hope you will understand that I’ve invested too much time and effort in the series to just cast it aside and begin writing a new and different series when only the first book was ever released.

Now, I’m not going to ask those of you who have previously purchased Tools of the Trade to do so again because that just wouldn’t be fair. However, I would like to ask, if you haven’t done so already, to encourage your friends and relatives to read it when it comes out this autumn. It’s important that they’re up to speed when the second book, Trademark of Murder, is published. I’d also ask that you to encourage them to purchase one with the new cover as I wouldn’t want my previous publisher making money that he isn’t obligated to share with me. I may not be a starving artist, but I did write the book and had good reasons for separating from him.

I don’t have a timeframe for the second book’s release, but I can tell you that my new publisher loved it. So, if you enjoyed the characters in Tools of the Trade, I think you’ll really enjoy Trademark of Murder. I’ve completed the third book in the series entitled, Trade Secrets, and have almost finished the fourth with a working title of, Tricks of the Trade. I should have finished it long before now, but the efforts involved finding another publisher has negatively impacted my creative writing. Nevertheless, I’ll be sure to keep you posted when they’ll be coming out.

Thanks for the great reviews you’ve posted on Amazon and your patience in waiting for me to find another publisher to continue the series.  

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